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Foreign Investment and Doing Business in Germany

Establishment of German Limited Company (GmbH) ~ Step by Step

European Patent (EPC)

Unitary Patent & Unified Patent Court (UPC)

Community Design

German Patent, Utility Model and Design (in Chinese)

European Trademarks and National Trademarks

How to file a European Trademark

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

Corporation Form under German Law (in Chinese)

Establishmenet of German Corporation (in Chinese)

Dissolution of limited company-GmbH (in Chinese)

Introduction of German Labor Laws (I) (in Chinese)

Introduction of German Labor Laws (II) (in Chinese)

Labor Issues Relating to Merger and Acquisition of European Companies (in Chinese)

How to Respond to a Warning Letter (Abmahnung) ?(in Chinese)

How to Prevent Possible Preliminary Injunction During German Trade Fair? (in Chinese)

Actions for Debt Collection (in Chinese)

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